More From Fumento

I got an email today from the ever-thoughtful Michael Fumento:

Earth to Inkstain and Lambert: Other than Inkstain caring what Lambert says and Lambert caring about what Inkstain says (perhaps), nobody cares what either of you says. Not only are you fully contained in the blogosphere, you’re actually in a much tinier realm than that. Meanwhile of the many places my piece on the Lancet trash appeared is today’s Daily News, weekend population above 500,000. You attack not out of a sense that injustice has been done regarding the Lancet report, but out of jealousy. But if you cleaned up your act, you might just find that somebody somewhere, even with a circulation of ten, would occassionally print you. Alas, you will not. You are a lost cause.

I am of course chastened and humbled by Mr. Fumento’s obviously superior intellect and publishing prowess. Maybe, if I clean up my act, I might just find that somebody, somewhere, even with a circulation of 110,000, might regularly publish my work. Wouldn’t that be cool!