Inflatable Promotional Items

A number of important developments in the area of inflatable promotional items….

Deflated Sponge Bob Found on Side of Road:

SpongeBob SquarePants, missing from a Beaver County Burger King since Thanksgiving, was found lying on the side of a Beaver County road earlier this month.

He had been stabbed twice and was covered with dirt and mud, said Frank Bell, vice president of programming for Froggy radio stations in Pittsburgh.

And in Southern California, a jihad of some sort against der Weinerschnitzel’s inflatable turkeys:

“Why else would they get me to take down my Halloween ghosts at Halloween and now the trees?” he said. “It’s so bad, I didn’t even put up my blow-up turkeys at Thanksgiving.”

I don’t know how much more clear the framers could have been when they wrote, “The right of the people to keep and bear Inflatable Promotional Items, shall not be infringed.”

update: If we here in the United States don’t deal with this problem, others are waiting in the wings.

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