More on Cheap Shit from China

Pika’s observation of train after train of cheap shit from China, and my even cheaper response, generated a fascinating data point from a correspondent who recently toured the Port of Long Beach as part of a class on globilization:

In 2004 it processed 7.4e6 TEUs of cargo — a TEU is a twenty-foot equivilent unit, the volume of a 20-foot long container. That is, the port is equivalent to a steady stream of containers end to end at 1.43 meters per second 24/7. It’s amazing, in a thought-provoking way.

Put another way, that’s a container for roughly every 40 people in the U.S. I figure there’s approximately 40 people living on my block (maybe a few more), so there’s the equivalent of a container of cheap shit from China, Korea, etc. for every Fleck-block-equivalent in America.

Today’s trash day in the ‘hood. We also have to go to a lot of trouble to cart the cheap shit off once we’re done with it.


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  2. Yes, China is the King of shit. I have never bought a decent Chinese product because they don’t make anything decent. We live in this crappy throw away society in the West that supports China and its polluting factories. According to the WHO, China has 16 out of 20 dirtiest cities in the world. That sounds like success to me. Chinese smell and their products are cheap and nasty.

  3. Chinese parts in your car: Car quits running forever.
    Chinese parts in your plane: E.G. Air alaska/Crashed in ocean killing all aboard, Cheap chinese jack screw jamed.
    Chinese plumbing parts are machined out of square leaks relentlessy!

    Chinese electronics last for maby a day, Then erupt in fire!
    Why dont we get it! Why do we buy this poision! All chinese goods should be blocked forever from everywhere! Period!

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