Pinhead Pika Shafts the Truth

(Note to the Planet GNOME and climate wonk audience: this is local Albuquerque politics. You can skip it. I have a fragmented audience problem. Whatever. It’s my blog.)

There’s so many intentional misstatements of fact in Pinhead Pika Brittlebrush’s commentary on Quirky Burque, that (honest to God!) I really don’t know where to begin. While I don’t want to call fellow Albuquerque blogger Pika “Orange Helicopters” Brittlebrush a fool, she clearly doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

Before addressing Brittlebrush’s bizarre assertion that the cat fight should stop and be replaced by a more civilized discourse, I’ll offer a disclosure Pika “Yellow Minibikes” Brittlebrush won’t: she once had lunch with Greg Payne’s gardener’s second cousin, who also once had coffee with the guy who does James Scarantino’s taxes.

Next thing you know, Scarantino and Payne are at each others’ throats with a series of retaliatory smear jobs, and now Pika “Red Hovercrafts” Brittlebrush is trying to shut things down. Coincidence? Folks, c’mon… not in this business!