Who Is Matt Busby?

Today’s quiz: what do the FBI, the CIA, the BBC, B.B. King and Doris Day have in common?

(Really. I’ve no idea. And I fear the only person able to tell us may be dead.)


  1. Matt Busby! Well done! Are you a Manchester United supporter?

    John Lennon clearly the best ever. Perhaps we should be asking him. 🙂


  2. No, not a Manchester United fan, though one of my chums who understands “football” did explain this to me.

    And sadly, we can’t ask John. 🙁

  3. In the book “Pele, my legacy” Pele tell us that once he talked with John and he said to him he was a liverpool fan

  4. Those three people were all replaced by doubles upon their deaths, like Paul McCartney.

    This kind of activity is perpetrated by intelligence outfits like the CIA and perpetuated by media outlets like the BBC.

    Hope this helps.

  5. So far everyone is correct. Matt Busby was a famous manager at Manchester United but he retired and joined the CIA and is still alive (despite what the BBC says). He currently assumes the last name “Fumento” and lives somewhere in the U.S.

    And he was the walrus.

  6. Wait, wait… I’ve consulted with some people “in the know”… Sir Busby now goes by the name “Bowie Poag”… whatever that is.

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