Launch Bay A3

This, in a nutshell, is why I love the New Mexico State Fair:

Launch Bay A3

It’s Launch Bay A3, one of the many Lego creations on display in the arts and crafts building. It’s an amazing labor of love and creativity with full symmetry as befits the zero gravity of space, where there is no up and down.

That’s the sort of thing you see at the fair, where everyone brings their passions together into one spot – the hiphop kids dancing and rapping, the Aloha Elvis made of beads, the Statue of Liberty also made of beads (with painted fingernails and toenails), the giant vegetables, the prize-winning cactus. I mean, where else will you see a tricked out low-rider bicycle being ridden by a carved wooden Day of the Dead skeleton? It’s the humanity….

Lissa and I went last night and wandered a while. We didn’t see everything yet. The fair now, for us, requires at least two visits. But we did manage to stay past dark so we could see the midway in lights.

Ferris wheel