1. OK, I usually regret trying to do this sort of thing, but it was surprising how many of these words I could piece together (and the trusty dictionary helped in a couple of places). Consult a real German before building one of this, but as a first approximation, try there (note using “ue” for “u with umlaut”, etc, since I am not sure how WordPress will handle the international characters).

    Scizzel = sketch? (Skizze = sketch or draft)

    Reissleine = ripcord (literally; trigger, I guess)

    Bleiwolfrumfenster = lead tungsten glass (maybe? Blei = lead, wolfrum = tungsten, fenster = window)

    Halteoese = Eyebolt ring (literally: stop eye(bolt))

    Verschluss und Zeitzuender = Lock and fuse

    Stuetzversteifung = Stiffening brace

    Stuetzstrebe = Supporting brace

    Rohr mit Mantel = Pipe with liner (or “pipe with jacket”; Mantel is used in a couple of ways, but it is some kind of outer shell in this context, I think).

    Deckmantel = Cloaking or shell

    Plutonium = I’ll let you work this one out. 🙂

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