Stuff from the bike

Scribblista was right: “I love the vantage point from a bike… one always gets to see the city and the day from such a different perspective…”

When you move through your world on a bicycle, it unfolds before you at a perfect pace, full of surprises. The act of cycling demands awareness as a practical matter, and rewards it as an aesthetic matter. Nothing more delightful than a wander on the bike. Of note today:

  • Three leisurely Thanksgiving football games at my neighborhood park, and another at that park across the street from the zoo.
  • A couple on skateboards – those really looooong ones – riding home from the supermarket. She had a bouquet of flowers, and he had two of those single-serving yogurts clutched in one hand and a leashed dog in the other. It wasn’t that cold, but she was fiddling with a colorful knit scarf.
  • Some guys of indeterminate national origin (Pakistan? India?) on Johnson field at the University playing cricket.

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