weather: Looks like this morning’s overnight low of 40 set a record for Dec. 26 – 5 degrees F warmer than the old record of 35. It got down to 37 at my house, according to my new Christmas weather station. (update 10:19 a.m. – Doh! It’s the 27th, the record’s 40 set in 1923, so we just tied it.)

book: Who is/was a better pitcher – Roger Clemens or Sandy Koufax? No question my my nostalgic mind – “Swung on and missed, a perfect game!”. But according to to the stats gremlins of the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia, who calculate an adjustment based on home park and offensive production of the day, it’s Clemens.

word(s) of the day: “loose box” – it’s a British phrase for “a stable or stall in which a hourse is kept without a tether”. (source: Oxford Dictionary of Current English)