Worst Pitcher Ever?

Wandering through my newly acquired baseball encyclopedia, I was looking at the records of some of baseball’s greats, and it got me wondering about baseball’s worst. Who, for example, is the worst pitcher in baseball history? It’d be easy to pick on someone like Bill Abernathie, who pitched two innings for the Cleveland Indians back in 1952, gave up four hits and three runs, and disappeared from major league baseball. But that’s cheap. The problem is that there’s a long tail on the right side of the curve of ballplayers who never made it to the major leagues. What I’m really interested in is the worst good pitcher – good enough to stick around. So what should be the benchmark? Ten seasons? 200 games? I found a discussion on a baseball message board that suggested 1,000 innings. What do you think?


  1. How about Jim Hughey (1891-1900)? 1007.7 IP, ERA+ of 80, 29-80 record with 7-24 and 4-30 seasons. Had only one winning season: 1-0 as a 22-year-old rookie with Milwaukee in 1891. For my money, the worst modern career of a considerable length has been turned in by Terry Mulholland — and he’s still going strong.

  2. What about Josh Towers, after everybody though he would be okay because of a career year. he went 2-8 with a 8.24 era and should never be allowed to pitch in the majors again. But the Jays are dumb enough to let him come to spring training then so be it. If I was in the Jays front office, I would want Towers as far away from the majors as possible, Japan would be preferable.

  3. omar dahl and or kevin milwood and or vincente padilla and or any other pitcher that pitched for the Phillies between 1995 and 2004…. yes that include you to eric milton

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