Building Rising

I’ve been living Lissa’s construction adventures vicariously for months, so Sunday she was persuaded to take my parents and I to the job site down near Corona where she’s helping build a house. It was great seeing Lissa in her work environment, which I never really get to do.

Lissa at job site

It’s a gorgeous straw bale home set in the piñon and juniper with a view out the kitchen window that is to die for, or that will be to die for once there’s a window and a sink. The landscape around it is magnificent – arid cattle country that made ordering a hamburger for lunch at El Corral in Corona seem right.

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  1. Fantastic! Not only are straw bales a great building, but they are great community-building buildings too. Can you go back later and show what they’re doing with the stucco after they fire up that mixer in the background, John?



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