drought watch: You have to squint to see it, but my favorite Snotel station, at Chamita up near the Colorado border, got 3 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. That’s about a third of an inch of snow water equivalent, which is not a whole lot, but is better than having a lit cigar stuck up your nose.

not drought: No rain yesterday in Seattle, ending the streak at 27 days. In Olympia, it’s not over.

word: sipid – The Wordsmith this week is removing prefixes with amusing results.

cycling: All hail The System. Handed down by the New Mexico cycling priesthood from guru to acolyte, The System is the worthy way to prevent goatheads (Tribulus terrestris, the spawn of Satan) from puncturing your tires. The System involves cutting the wire beads off an old tire and using it as a liner inside your tire. I tried it Sunday, and am converted. Early in the ride, I heard a “clinkclinkclink” of metal from my back wheel, stopped, and found a one-inch piece of heavy wire, the thickness of a finishing nail, poking out of the tire. But no flat. All praise The System.

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