Fumento’s Not So Full Disclosure

Our old friend Michael Fumento back in the day chastised me for being a lowly blogger while he was widely published in newspapers.

No more. Tim Lambert points out that Scripps Howard, which used to carry Fumento’s column, has sacked the conservative pundit for writing about the glories of Monsanto’s biotechnology without disclosing that he had previously accepted money from Monsanto. Editor and Publisher has more.


  1. Guess again, loser. Enter my name and “cell phones” into Google news and what pops up? Why, it’s a column! And don’t try to pretend those are the only pick-ups I got; those are the only ones so far from a column sent out yesterday that were put online and spidered by Google. I also maintained my column directly with the largest of the Scripps Howard newspapers, the New York Post. But meanwhile, you still have your little ol’ Albuquerque column. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re just a worthless pissant. (Even if it’s true….)

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  3. You’d think a guy named Fumento would know better than to resort to odor-related insults. OTOH, maybe he feels more qualified than others to use them.

  4. Fumento certainly has contempt for people who expose him.

    He’s just claimed on the Washington Journal that pulling out troops from Iraq would result in a civil war — that’s his rhetoric as of November 23, 2006 he really is deluded to think that he can continue to perpetuate the myth that a civil war is GOING to hapen — since IT’S ALREADY GOING ON.

    Evidently, what he hasn’t caught on to yet is that his BS is not being bought as widely as he thinks.

    Speaking of not catching on, his obvious contempt for the reporters who provided expositive journalism and died there (those of whom, rather than conforming to his ideology-driven crap were real journalists)is shameful.

    He also claimed he didn’t believe in the “wmd thing” — duh. No, really??? Gee Whiz, what a revelation!

    He hasn’t caught on to the prevailing sense of realization of the ineptitude of the neocons in this administration, and the fact that it was a means to an end that isn’t going to happen. PNAC is not America, but a private think tank. The American people were lied to. I hope the Democratic congress does continue with the investigation — Part II of the inquiry concerning the “WMD THING” — and that these Neocons (Fume-endo) will just be seen for what they are. Inept fools.

    But he hasn’t caught on because he’s one of them, and he is just a thug who thinks he can still be capricious and deceptive about this occupation.

    Only to the ignorant, Fumento. Real journalists, throughout the world, are writing real articles, and you can’t claim they aren’t just by going to Iraq in order to substantiate your ideology-driven crap.

    He’s a farce, he just doesn’t know it yet.

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