Why I Love Cocoposts

I was feeling a little subversive yesterday morning when I posted Strunk and White’s advice for bloggers. It amused me. But since it drew such varied and amusing ripostes, it’s worth defending why I it struck me.

At the risk of abusing S&W’s point, I do not think bloggers should not have and share opinions. It’s a question of how you do it.

Read Coco. She doesn’t say: “I think Greg Payne’s new Transit Watch program is a really really bad idea.” Coco instead leads you through the argument with a series of clever observations, a bit of nuance and a wink and a nod. It’s an effective style of rhetoric, and more fun to read.

I do not hold up my own work as an example here. My journalistic background makes me uncomfortable having and sharing opinions. My affinity for Strunk and White here may be a tad defensive.

Go read Coco.

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