weather: That storm, she’s a flirt, but it’s pretty clear she’s not going to put out. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but there’s a story somewhere in the crazy psychotic way the dry weather is making us feel. Two days of measurable precipitation in Albuquerque since Nov. 1. Two.

music: The podGoober project’s gem of the day is John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. Bonus gem is some lovely tenor saxophone work by Joe Henderson.

style: “Use the word not as a means of denial or in antithesis, never as a means of evasion.” S and W (I think I am not good about following this rule.)

word: obsequious: “obedient or respectful to an excessive degree”- This is a good way to characterize our bemused politeness Sunday on our bike ride toward the strange man in the white pickup who stopped to wait for us to cross. And wait. And wait.

spring: Not sure why, but the subject of Candy Maldonado came up the other day at work. A lifetime .254 hitter, he’s not the sort of ballplayer whose career one normally follows, but Lissa and I were living in LA and falling in love and going to Dodger games in the mid-80s when Maldonado was there. Lissa had a special secret Dodger stadium parking place, outside the ballpark on a side street. We used to go early and watch batting practice.