In order, the top search strings y’all are using to get to my blog:

  1. big ass
  2. john fleck
  3. pirates global warming
  4. google games
  5. bread mold
  6. rumpology
  7. environmental determinism
  8. global warming pirates
  9. chandler wobble
  10. global warming vs pirates
  11. brandon leslie
  12. John Fleck
  13. largest pineapple
  14. jeff Baxter
  15. cool domain names
  16. fleck
  17. tang dishwasher
  18. pirates and global warming
  19. Celestial Drops
  20. first hummer
  21. klaus oldenberg
  22. tingley beach
  23. celestial drops
  24. 3.14159
  25. stephen dowling botts
  26. python pi
  27. chandler wobble stopped
  28. pirates vs global warming
  29. pirate global warming
  30. moving to montana soon
  31. co2 science
  32. beaver dams
  33. mold on bread
  34. maunder minimum
  35. teflon pants
  36. man dinosaurs coexist


  1. I’m sure Lissa had some incisive input on #1…hopefully you can live that down within a time frame of, oh, weeks.



  2. Number one is actually my favorite, a post about Nora’s anti-Fred Phelps protest. She and her buds made “big-ass angel wings.” Methinks that’s not exactly what the googlers had in mind when they clicked through.

  3. weird that the search strings are case sensitive (as in your name appearing twice). i’ve always wondered whether google ignores case and it has always appeared to me that it does.

  4. I don’t think the search results Google returns are case sensitive. But if you look at the google URL string for your search results, you can see that the case you typed in is retained. And the stats software I’m using apparently retains the case (which would be far easier to code).

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