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  • ride: The picture’s from a pedestrian bridge over the interstate near my house. This is how we do a lot of our rivers here in the western U.S. – all concrete, but with very little water in them. In this case, it’s a bit of a puzzle that there’s any water at all, seeing as how it’s not rained in a month. This morning I rode early and easy, wandering up through the heights trying to figure out where the water’s coming from. No answers.
  • music: Scored yesterday in the Very Cheap Rack at Natural Sound, The Best of Dick Dale and his Del-Tones. The highlight? The King of the Surf Guitar does Hava Nagila.
  • book: Blink. The latest Blinkish epiphany came on the bike ride yesterday. I’ve always ridden with a heart monitor. Yesterday I left it home. Steve, who is extremely wise and timed his attack perfectly on our last little climb (I went too early), told me a story about a friend whose running had become stodgy and stalled. The guy stuck his watch in a drawer. Worked wonders.
  • word of the day: peewit (a bird)