Matt Busby = Bowie Poag? Michael Fumento?

Some months ago I blogged in puzzlement over what might connect Matt Busby, Doris Day, B.B. King, etc.

A commenter who goes by “total info” popped in this morning with the answer:

Those three people were all replaced by doubles upon their deaths, like Paul McCartney.

This kind of activity is perpetrated by intelligence outfits like the CIA and perpetuated by media outlets like the BBC.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, total, yes it does. I was not aware of this particular CIA/BBC plot. Though Dave, wise in the ways of the football underworld, offers an alternative hypothesis:

So far everyone is correct. Matt Busby was a famous manager at Manchester United but he retired and joined the CIA and is still alive (despite what the BBC says). He currently assumes the last name “Fumento” and lives somewhere in the U.S.

And he was the walrus.

I believe Dave’s on to something here. Goo goo g’ joob. Or perhaps, as Dave suggests, rather than Michael Fumento, Matt Busby is really Bowie Poag?