Another Climate Change Threat

Nora sends along this, a climate change threat of which I was unaware:

I can’t believe a company like Amazon would promote global warming by allowing those bastiches at Dole to continue to melt icebergs just to get the head of lettuce that lies at the center. Sure, it tastes like ambrosia, but look what it’s doing to our environment! Shame on you Dole and shame on you Amazon!


  1. I think you guys missed the most important part of the page, though. That would be the editorial comments. This is the first one:

    Iceberg lettuce is the *only* way to go when it comes to lettuce. Some people complain that Iceberg lettuce is just water, but this is why I like it. Anything else is too damned leafy. If I want that I can eat the trees out front thank you.

    Nevertheless, it only gets 4 stars cause lettuce is of limited use. Good for hamburgers, though, and sandwichs in general.

  2. Iceberg is the prefered way to go in our house when we want to do a biological experiment at the bottom of the crisper drawer; cause we shure dont see any point in eatin the junk. Some say it tasts like water well I like my water to be pure, with barly hops and yeast!

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