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I have ridden my bicycle in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, for many years, and I can confidently say that yesterday was the first time I have ever been serenaded by mariachis as I rode. (Miguel and I were riding past the Alameda Open Space Saturday, where a bunch of folk were putting on some sort of water-related fiesta.)


  1. Here’s the Journal’s calendar description of that event:
    Tricentennial Water Fiesta, including tours of the water treatment pilot plant, BioVan ecosystems demonstrations, Talking Talons Youth Leadership, tours of the wetland restoration project, as well as food, face painting, live music and much more. 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Alameda/Rio Grande Open Space, accessible from Rio Grande NW just south of Alameda NW. Free. Call Elizabeth Anderson at 855-5234 or e-mail”

    It incorporated the Middle Rio Grande Children’s Water Festival that has been held for 9 years in Albuquerque.
    There was a flyer in the last water bill about it, but not much other publicity, except flyers to the schools.

    My husband and I went, and got the tour of the pilot plant and the non-potable water plant, visited the booths, ate good sandwiches from Wrap it Up (from Bareleas), and listened to the Adobe Brothers, who came on after the mariachis. This is where the San-Juan Chama water is taken out of the Rio Grande for Albuquerque. We learned that not all of it is turned into drinking water; some is piped out for irrigation of parks.

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