1. Things to do with a gallon of bad milk:

    -Try using it in a chocolate cake recipe!
    -pour it in a jar with a screw on cap, add a raw chicken leg, screw the lid on tight so it has a nice leak-proof seal, and stash it in your enemy’s car out of sight (this has to be the Beezebub of all enemies, not just the garden-variety enemy)!
    -Spill it on your pants, lean your head back, take a nap and induce some nice scent memories of Kindergarten.
    -Pour some into a crockery container that does not have a lid and stash in a cool place; if you’ve done it right and your home has the right microbial fauna, it’ll transform into this really cool custard-like substance (that is probably extremely inedible) that will plop out of the container in a uniform mass the shape of the container.

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