reading: Famine. A symposium dealing with Nutrition and relief operations in times of disaster, the proceedings of a 1970 meeting on the issue. I’m trying to understand what actually happens to humans, both physiologically and culturally, in famine-causing drought.
reading 2: I was fascinated by the whole Hugo Chavez-Chomsky thing, and I’d not read Hegemony and Survival, so I am.
music: Thanks to Wikipedia, I discovered the connection between Peace Piece, on Bill Evans’ 1958 album “Everybody Digs Bill Evans” and the classic “Flamenco Sketches” on Kind of Blue. (Flamenco Sketches was recorded 13 days before my birth. It used to be my fantasy that Kind of Blue was recorded the day I was born. Sadly, Wikipedia has shattered that. Curse you, Wikipedia!) I don’t know Evans’ work well, but he’s my current fave.
paper of the day: Abrupt decline in the Arctic winter sea ice cover
paper of the day 2: Eruption early warning at Vesuvius: The A.D. 1631 lesson (this is a really fun one – translation of eyewitness accounts to sort out details of changing gas emissions as seismicity in the week leading up to the eruption)
days: Oct. 4 is the feast day of Petronius, patron saint of Bologna. I guess that means baloney sandwiches for lunch Wednesday?