art: Apropos of nothing except that I happened to have just listened to it, a marvelous old NPR piece from a few years back on Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting “Nighthawks”.

paper of the day: Multi-Century Tree-Ring Reconstructions of Colorado Streamflow for Water Resource Planning, by Connie Woodhouse and Jeffrey Lukas. The tree ring people have a story to tell of greater variability than the limited historical record suggests.

weather: Crap. Looks like rain tonight. (Not here, in St. Louis. The only place left with baseball to be played.)

word of the day: profiterole – It’s a pastry, and I love the word’s origin. From the WikiPeople: “Profiterole comes from the French diminutive of profit and originally meant a small gratuity.”

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  1. We don’t want the STL pitchers to get any more rest. OTOH, it might get the Tiges to calm down a bit and become less nervous. Sure it will right? Right?

    Thanx for the linky to the NPR piece. Good memory.



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