How the Storm Played Out

satelite storm images

Apologies for those outside of New Mexico for today’s digression, but we’re having a shared experience, a kind of community hug. Snowmen. People walking in the middle of the street because the tire tracks are the easiest place to walk. Cars going slow and being polite about the people walking in the middle of the street. We don’t own snow shovels. This is not part of our ordinary experience, and the extraordinary is, well, extraordinary.
The folks at the National Weather Service have put up a nice page detailing how it played out for those of us interested in the meteorological details.


  1. Up here, being the newbie and all, I watched the surface expression of the low get knocked back down to the SE by the little trof to our north. You folks, methinks, benefitted by this as the upper low couldn’t eject as quickly. Anyway, it was beautiful to watch that low do its thing.



  2. Dano –

    I’ve got another story coming in tomorrow’s paper that I’ll blog, but what essentially happened: we picked up a big band of snow from the front edge of the storm, then a second band from the top as it slid to our south, then a third band of snow wrapping around its back side as it left. It was, I agree, beautiful to watch.

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