• paper of the day: From GRL, Property loss potentials for European midlatitude storms in a changing climate: “In this study, loss potentials derived from an ensemble of climate models using a simple storm damage model under climate change conditions are shown. For the United Kingdom and Germany ensemble-mean storm-related losses are found to increase by up to 37%.”
  • word of the day: larboard – the side of the ship from which you loaded those big giant shipping containers full of cheap shit from China
  • book of the day: Lissa found the University of Michigan’s Digital Library Text Collection, which has John Wesley Powell’s original Smithsonian report on his first Colorado River expeditions.
  • movie of the day: Nora and I went down to the Guild last night to watch We Aren’t Blocking Traffic, We Are Traffic, a documentary about San Francisco’s Critical Mass movement.

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  1. When are they gonna screen that in the Front Range?!? And how was it? Was it worth it (I mean, besides spending quality time with Nora)?

    Maybe I can find a line item in the budget to order it for the Dept…education and training, you see.



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