• news of the warm: Climate change and national security in the Times of New York
  • paper of the day: Schenk and Lensink discuss the difficulties associated with public discussion of greenhouse gas emission scenarios
  • word of the day: fruiterer – one who sells fruit (this would be a subset, apparently, of greengrocer, sans veggies)
  • reading: I had to dive back into Slaughterhouse Five: The Children’s Crusade. It does not disappoint.


  1. Good paper of the day, BTW. We learned in the second week of scenario analysis that having scenarios that people could understand (for management action and for public understanding why management actions were taken) would make or break a plan.

    The IPCC plopped scenarios out there and didn’t bother to ‘splain. Thus the ability of the propagandists to muddy the waters and of the silly ‘robed priests’ propaganda to work with some.



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