Big Toe in Chinatown

Big Toe in Chinatown

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Big Toe met up with us while we were in San Francisco. Before he came to Inkstain, he worked for some time for a jade importer in Chinatown, and he spent a few hours showing me around and introducing me to some of his old friends. The whole thing is a bit mysterious to me, but I have my suspicions. Big Toe’s copious knowledge of paleontology remains unexplained, but is entirely consistent with the possibility that the “jade merchant” was really a front for illegal importation of Chinese dinosaur fossils.

Sometimes it’s best not to ask.


  1. Phew! I thought Big Toe hadn’t made the trip to Cal. Great to see he’s in good health.

    His recent article on paleoethnography was quite enlightening.

  2. My dad, a chiseler at the museum, had reported being taunted by a little blue fellow recently. Hmm.

  3. I hope Mr Toe showed you to the merchants with the good, hot spices John. If he did, he’s showing you a little kindness for his reticence on the fossil bit. If not, well, there’s a clue for you.



  4. D –

    He took us to his favorite Dim Sum restaurant. It’s name translates, apparently, to “Great Oriental Restaurant.” Really. That’s what it said on the sign in English.

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