Did Dinosaurs and Man Coexist?

HoaxMany years ago, some friends of mine did one of the all-time great April Fool’s jokes. (Note to readers. It was a joke. A hoax.) They buried a cast of a fossil dinosaur and a fossil human, and staged and documented an elaborate excavation. (Note to readers: the fossils were fake.) The “scientists” doing the excavation found, amazingly, that the dinosaur had been eating the human! (Note to readers. This was all faked. Dinosaurs and humans did not live at the same time.)

The original page still exists, and periodically resurfaces as some credulous reader stumbles across it. I blogged about one such occasion a couple of years ago. And now, by the powers of the Google, that blog entry is one of the top hits when you search on dinosaur man coexist. The result is a steady trickle of traffic. Most readers apparently are savvy enough about the Internet technology to click through on the link that explains the hoax. But some, not so savvy on the clicky thing:

wow what a find well this adds on to the list of things that evolutionists cant explain or there probably going to say this is a hoax because it would totaly ruin there theory o yea and the earth is not that old its probably only at the most 10000 years old and throughout history there have been evidence supporting that humans lived with dinosaurs like the inca stones for example the funny thing is there is more evidence of this than the whole theory of evolution…lol man will do anything to explain away that there is a God who created us

Not so savvy on that whole shift-key-capitalization thing either, except for that once.

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