George Hotz and Big Toe

George and Big Toe

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I need to clarify something, because there have been a lot of rumors floating around the Internet since the news broke Friday that George Hotz had hacked an iPhone, unlocking it so you can use it with any mobile phone company.

Big Toe and George did in fact meet and spend some time together back in May, as I blogged about at the time. But Big Toe was not part of the team that reverse-engineered the iPhone to enable the unlock. It is true, as I’ve mentioned previously, that Big Toe has spent a great deal of time in China. In addition to his paleontology, BT was part of the team of hackers that reverse-engineered the Chinese Duplex Integrated Multivariate-Software Univac Mime (DIM-SUM) chip. But that was ultimately not part of George’s approach to hacking the iPhone.