I’ve been incredibly busy lately, with a couple of fun but time-consuming outside projects going on, so I secretly harbored a fantasy this year: that the New York Yankees (my chosen baseball organization) would not make the playoffs.

That likely labels me as not a true fan. Maybe that’s so. Being a Yankee fan takes no particular effort, as they have been a winning, post-season sort of baseball team for a very long time. No great patience or suffering is required to be a Yankee fan. It’s not something earned, at least for me. But come post season, there are games on television to be watched, and more rigorous attention is required. And time. Time I do not really have right now. So it was my hope….

But the Yankees clinched a playoff spot this evening, did the champagne thing, and there soon will be post season baseball to be attended to. I am resigned to my fate.


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