I Guess This is One Way to Respond to Drought

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

As northern Georgia suffers through a monumental drought and the toughest water restrictions ever imposed, Stone Mountain is using up to 38 gallons of water a minute — for 12 to 18 hours a day for the next month — to make snow.

On the day Gov. Sonny Perdue took the state’s water conservation efforts indoors and declared October “Take A Shorter Shower” month, the park was embarking on a whole new way to burn through the state’s shrinking supply of H2O.


  1. yea, well, same here in Colorado. One way to look at it is it’s forestalling any positive feedbacks of AGW that involve snow and ground cover. 😎

  2. Well, making snow is one way to up the albedo. Let’s see, we’ll have to make… How much? That much?

    Maybe we should just spread white plastic, instead…


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