• water politics: Looks like Sophie and the guy with the steely set in his jaw are going to stop Caesar’s evil plot to steal groundwater to build subdivisions.
  • water politics II: Looks like Sophie and the guy with the steely set in his jaw may need to head over to Arizona next.
  • water politics III: Drought plus fire seems to have focused Australians’ minds on the question of climate change: “Extreme weather, including a drought that has persisted in some places for six years, has focused the Australian public on climate change, and it is shaping up as a major issue in the general elections that are expected to be called in the next few weeks.”
  • paper of the day: OK, so we’ll grant, for purpose of discussion, that global climate changing is a problem. How much greenhouse reductions do we need to make in response to achieve what sort of result? Weaver et al. tackle the question. Their answer? Lots: “Our results suggest that if a 2.0°C warming is to be avoided, direct CO2 capture from the air, together with subsequent sequestration, would eventually have to be introduced in addition to sustained 90% global carbon emissions reductions by 2050.”
  • music:I’ve always enjoyed Performance Today. Good music, along with great storytelling. But I usually only get 15 minutes of it during my morning drive to work. Turns out there’s this newfangled Internet thingie that allows me to listen any time I want!


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