Dude, How Did I Miss The Most Important Drought Story Of The Year?

From ABC News:

A severe drought that has parched corn and soybean fields across the Southeast has also scorched marijuana crops, leaving plants that should be 10 feet tall so puny that Roberts and his deputies simply pull them up.

(Hat tip waterblogged.b)


  1. I hear that the Canadian dollar’s strength also means a decrease in imports from Canadia. Looks like nature and the economy may finally be doing what the DEA hasn’t managed to do for years. Or that people with basement grow-houses are totally in the money.

  2. There was a great piece on NPR a couple of nights ago about the grow-house problem in Seattle. They interviewed the Seattle Police Department’s translator who spoke Chinese and Vietnamese. He was exhausted from all the immigrant grow-house cases he had to work on.

  3. I learned in high school the merits of hydroponics, when the gangstas (not gangsters, mind you) would show up in my gifted class and look at the little garden we had growing inside. Water efficient and so easy to conceal you could grow them in the bowels of the prison quarters of AHS.

    Though I’m skeptical if the water efficiency would help out those in areas with sever drought.

    Oh, and at Aaron – this will only help Afghanistan’s economy, as it grows perfectly fine alongside opium in the Hindu Kush. Weak American dollar is still strong in a country with four kinds of paper money, poppy stocks, and gold as the units of exchange

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