The Christmas Tree Thing

Holiday Inn Movie PosterI’m unclear on antipodal Christmas rituals, but apparently this is another area the Australian drought is being felt:

With the Christmas tree season beginning this weekend, growers reported their crops would be up to 75 per cent smaller than previous years because of dry conditions last year. But decent rains this year have been good news for next year’s batch of trees, which are growing well.


  1. Interesting, there was a tv news report here in N.C. saying that we would feel the current drought in the christmas tree market five years from now. We must grow some different christmas trees over here.

  2. Dave –

    I think this may have something to do with a) the time scale of drought, and b) the lifespan of Christmas trees. Y’all are just beginners at this drought game. They’ve been at it a while in Australia.

  3. Ain’t that the truth – we’re not real happy about our new found skills either. Still, nice use of “Y’all” – that’ll get ya points ’round these parts.

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