The Promise of Nukes

The discussion of nuclear energy’s role in combating anthropogenic climate changing continues to be one of the most interesting bits of the political dynamic around this subject. The latest bit comes from Platts (my new favorite energy news source – great at stripping away the he-said/she-said and just explaining the underlying economic forces):

A Delaware Senator said bipartisan support for new nuclear to combat global warming is growing. Thomas Carper said he sees increasing support for language in a global warming bill that would promote construction of nuclear plants.

Platts also had a story earlier in the week on a new International Energy Agency report suggesting that nukes have to be part of any scenario that stabilizes carbon dioxide at 450 ppm.


  1. I’d sure like to see a comparison of the CANDU versus the US fission power systems, counting the cost and risk of the fuel reprocessing and enrichment.

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