A Christmas Miracle

k-mart holiday decorAnd the angels came from on high, and bade Lissa go forth into that December morn and purchase luminaria bags, for the old bags were worn, or missing entirely.

And lo, the angels suggested K-Mart, saying the Lord doth view Wal-Mart as the more evil of the two shopping options in our neighborhood.

“But K-Mart never has what we go there looking for,” wailed Lissa, and she spoke truth, for the shelves at our K-Mart are bare. But the Lord spoke of trust in His wisdom, and Lissa went forth in search of luminaria bags, which are small and brown and made of paper and meant to light the way for Christmas revelers celebrating whatever it is they might celebrate in its vision of light.

And lo, the Lord did truly bless Lissa, for there, at the K-Mart, she did find the luminaria bags.

It was a Christmas miracle.