Betty the White

party closeupA reader raises an interesting question about the Easy-Do Parties lady: Why is she alone in the kitchen, and why do the party guests in the background appear to be on fire?

Nora, an expert in electricity and people being on fire (or, perhaps, the magical arts) suggests that the Easy-Do Parties lady (her name is Betty) is a “elemental mage” with a specialty in electricity. This allows her to harness the power of Thor to set her party guests aflame. (Note the electrical sparks being emitted from her wooden spoon. Imagine her power were she to use a metal spoon.)

Our reader suggests another possibility: “Perhaps it’s actually the late sixties, and this liberated woman has laced her goose liver fondue with acid.”

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  1. While Thor or Zeus may be appropriate for wielding thunderbolts, I believe Betty the White is actually a devotee of a cult of Hephaestus:

    The beings in the background are not party guests at all, but Kabeiroi, minor deities associated with ol’ Heph. Or maybe they’re just good old Fire Elementals:

    Thanks to you, John, and Nora for the research!

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