Burying the Lead

The Energy Information Administration’s This Week in Petroleum out today opens with a fascinating discussion of the decline in use of home heating oil in the United States. And, oh, yes, by the way…

The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline jumped to yet another all-time high as the price increased by 10.9 cents to 372.2 cents per gallon. This was the seventh consecutive week where the price rose, with the cumulative increase totaling 46.3 cents.

That’s what we in the news business call “burying the lead.” Though, to be fair, if the exact same thing has happened for each of the last seven weeks, maybe it’s not news so much any more.

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    In your header, does ‘living in New Mexico’ modify ‘John Fleck,’ ‘journalism’ or ‘other things’? 😉


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