The Sheet Metal Screw Fairy

sheet metal screwWe have a bit of a mystery at our house.

This time of year, I usually walk around barefoot. But lately I’ve been wearing sandals because of a puzzling problem. Sheet metal screws keep appearing on the floor of our house.

It started by the back door, between the door to my office and the big comfy chair where Lissa or I often sit to read the paper. First one (ouch!), then a few more on the door mat. Then we found a bunch outside, on the back stoop. We picked them up. But more keep appearing.

We have no explanation, but my suspicion is that we’re getting nightly visits from the Sheet Metal Screw Fairy. I know you mean well, Special Fairy Friend, but if you’re reading this (do they have the Internet in Fairyland?), if you could just leave ’em in a box on the counter it would be much appreciated.


  1. I think you should call your local fastener supply center and learn a little more about how sheet metal screws reproduce. It is springtime after all.

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