The Fixie Kids

In which I try to explain the fixed gear craze:

Welcome to the world of the fixie, where cycling is reduced to its purest essence.
Bicycle racing today revolves around marvels of technology. The old “10-speed” has become a 20-speed or more. Carbon fiber allows bike frames you could pick up with a finger, and racers and bike designers use wind tunnels to improve aerodynamics.
If you’ve got the money, you can easily drop $10,000 on an Italian racing bike. Or, if you’re interested in the fixie alternative, Jacob Klink offers this example:
“One of my friends found a bike on top of Johnson Gym,” the University of New Mexico student explained. “Twenty bucks later, we built him a bike.”

Check out the great photo-sound essay by my colleague Roberto that goes with it.


  1. Great story John.

    This old-ish guy with the bad knees would build one for himself if it didn’t hurt so much (and I didn’t like to live in hilly places).



  2. Had one when I was a kid. Great for flat ground, sucks on long hills, but real cool (As I recall the wheel had a gear on both sides and you could flip it when you had big hills to ride.

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