That’s me, looking at Chantal’s bees this morning. Chantal’s the smartest person I know about the nature of self-organizing web communities (she’s the founder of Duke City Fix). You can’t exactly manage them. Instead, you provide the seed to get things started and the necessary resources, tweaking here and there, and mostly watch in fascination. She seems to have taken to keeping bees – the quintessential self-organizing community – with the same sort of rapt fascination with which she’s “managed” DCF all these years.


  1. You look a bit entranced yourself there, sir.

    Many thanks for coming out yesterday! And for saying nice things about me in public 😉


  2. Watch out for your veil! I had one of those, and when I leant forward to work on the hive the sub-neck bit would ride open, an bees would fly in 🙁 You want one integrated into a jacket!

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