Prize-winning Treats

Prize-winning Treats

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On the drive over to the Lavender Festival Saturday, my sister, Lisa, was explaining how she uses vanilla in baking. It’s like salt, she said – a little helps the other flavors.

The Lavender Festival is an annual affair down at Los Poblanos Farms in Albuquerque’s valley – an old farmstead turned inn and organic farm. They had music, and lavender, and more music, and more lavender.

I could not begin to imagine how one might incorporate lavender in baked treats, but my sister is good. She’s been a pro – literally – for years, baking treats. And she has this deep intuitive grasp of how to put things together that will taste really yummy.

This year, that skill made her the top prize winner in the Festival’s bake-yummy-treats-with-lavender-in-them contest. We are proud, and also lucky to have regular access to her treats.