Natural Gas Rising

While we’ve all been watching gasoline go through the roof (easy to spot – sign on every street corner), natural gas has been quietly doubling in price as well. My colleague Win Quigley has a story in this morning’s paper, and Al Zelicoff, who’s been helping the paper with consumer energy saving tips, put together a bunch of information for us about how to reduce your natural gas consumption. Al gets frustrated – with good reason – because so much of this is easy to do, low-hanging fruit. Save energy. Save money. No-brainer. One problem is simply information. People just don’t know. In that regard, I’m trying to help using the pulpit offered by the newspaper’s audience.

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  1. I’m going to create a meme that AGWers like making people pay more for gas. There’s actually a point buried in there. But really, I will do it out of devilishness. Will enjoy when their anger turns to you. Just look how quick people are throwing the BULLSHIT flag on the drilling issue. That fukkker turned on a dime!!!!

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