On Bingaman in the Cabinet

My take on why Jeff Bingaman as Energy Secretary doesn’t make a lot of sense:

But there is a story I’ve heard told enough times that, if it’s not true, it ought to be. When Bill Richardson was being considered for the position of Energy Secretary in 1998, he asked Bingaman what he thought. Bingaman’s response (perhaps apocryphal, but resonant enough to be repeated frequently):

“I think it’s the worst job in Washington.”

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  1. I have commented more than I am comfortable with recently, but here goes.

    Bingaman, from Obama’s point of view, seems like a good choice for Secretary of Energy.

    From Bingaman’s point of view, the job may not be worth taking unless Obama can sweeten the offer enough.

    There must be something that would sweeten the offer, pork for New Mexico is an obvious thought, but I do not know what sweetener would appeal to Senator Bingaman.

    Does anyone have insights into what the sweetener would have to be?

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