Those Darn Speculators Again

From Platts:

Air China has seen its jet fuel hedge slump to almost half a billion
dollars in the red, the Chinese airline warned shareholders in a notice
published on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after markets closed Friday.
The company, one of the big three national airlines in China, admitted
that it bought and sold oil options at what turned out to be the top of the
market. The company had the misfortune of tying up a substantial position in
oil derivatives in July — when, as it turned out, oil prices hit an historic
peak before collapsing by more than 60% in the next four months.

One Comment

  1. Derivatives and hedge positions? Perhaps those fervently praying at gas stations for lower gas prices back in Summer were just piously dressed commodities traders in disguise.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for air prices to fall for next summer. Looks like I might be waiting for a while…I wonder when these Air China hedge contracts expire? That could get really ugly.

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