Elephant Diaries: The Superhero Metaphor

My daughter, Nora, notes by way of metaphor the story line in the sixth season of Buffy when Buffy realizes she can’t support herself saving people from vampires. “Her younger sister and one of her friends suggest that she start charging people for saving them,” Nora said.

Me: I’m guessing that didn’t work out well?

Nora: She ended up working in fast food.

Every journalist I know has schtick these days about their alternative career path. Mine is welding.


  1. I’m reminded, for some odd reason, of Caddyshack …

    Danny Noonan: “Did you ever have to take that Cooter Preference Test when you were a senior in high school?”

    Ty Webb: “Yeah, I took it. They said I should be a fire watcher. What were you supposed to be?”

    Danny Noonan: “An underachiever.”

  2. It should be noted that the cast of Angel managed to support themselves as supernatural detectives, which I think is analogous to the NPR model.

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