Liberal? Socialistic?

A couple of months ago in this space, a commenter responded to a post about economists favoring a carbon tax as a response to climate change by asking whether said economists were “liberal and socialistic”. The question is perhaps best answered by reference to former advisors to George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan who favor a carbon tax.

Note that I’m not an advocate of labels as useful tool in such discussions, but if they’re going to be bandied about, it’s worth seeing how well they stick.

For further reference, see Pigou Club.


  1. whether economists were “liberal and socialistic”

    Depends if the commentator is interested in moving beyond rhetorical one liners of empty meaning to consider what economists say. Entire bookshelves groan under the weighty discussion of the flavors of liberal (incl. libertarian) and socialistic (incl. national socialism…)

  2. David: Please do not complicate matters. Simplistic monikers for “liberal” and “Godless Socialists” will suffice. Your attempts to muddy the waters with complexity will only result in thinking, reflection and other dangerous outcomes. Please report to the “Two Minutes Hate”, or NFL football game of your Direct TV choice immediately.

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