Green Jobs in the Obama Plan

I see John Whitehead hunched over his keyboard preparing his riposte to this, from the Romer-Bernstein analysis of the job creation prospects in the Obama stimulus package:

Recent research by Robert Pollin and Jeannette Wicks-Lim (available at suggests that investments in green energy will create jobs that generally pay well above the typical wage. For example, compared to the national median wage of $15 in 2007, some of the jobs created by these investments include: electricians (median wage, $21.50/hour), carpenters ($18/hour), operations managers ($43/hour), and production supervisors ($23/hour). The occupation-weighted average wage in green energy jobs is about 20% above the national average.

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  1. These studies are BS to the extent that wages in government jobs do not reflect productivity. In the private sector, many “green” jobs — handing recycling, planting trees, installing insulation, etc. will not be so gnerous — because $ wages reflect value added…

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