Water In the Desert: Surrealism Edition

Around the corner from my house, something truly strange is under construction. It looks kinda like the Alamo, albeit with tilt-up concrete sides and weird tubes coming out the sides. It’s our new “water park,” which has been haltingly under construction for ages. It’s part of a hotel up the street from my house, an attempt to create a “destination” for residents of a parched land. Troy Simpson posted a video yesterday of an interview with the guy in charge of the project:

Sean Olson also did a story (ad gated) on water use at the park:

Building a water park in conservation-conscious New Mexico seems like a water-waste fiasco waiting to happen.
But the state’s first indoor water park, currently under construction at the Radisson Hotel on Carlisle near Interstate 40, will be fairly stingy in its water use, project developer Dan Serrano said.
“At the end of the day, you’re reclaiming 97 to 98 percent of the water,” Serrano said of the park.
That amounts to using between 10,000 and 12,000 gallons per day, Serrano said. It is also roughly what 20 Albuquerque homes use in a day, city-county Water Utility Authority water conservation manager Katherine Yuhas said.


  1. I think Martin Chavez (mayor) needs to add more parks and recs entertainment stuff like a waterpark or amusement park something nice and big not little rinky dink stuff.

    He is too busy with his other little pet projects earyh hour and crap! He needs to get with the program maybe if there where things for teens and adults to do they would stay out of trouble because they would have something to do instead of going cruising or sitting around drinking.

    Really what else is there to do? Cliffs ok yeah right, Hinkle LOL…..

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