Ah, Internet Discourse

I’ve largely been out of the climate wars fray for years, but yesterday’s Hansen v. Pielke thread leads to a couple of observations:

  • New business model: mention Hansen and Pielke a lot.
  • The quality and usefulness of commenter contributions scales as the inverse square of their relative anonymity. (This blog in recent years has largely been a conversation among friends, whose names I know. Yesterday, reminder – wow, there are a bunch of anonymous assholes out there who don’t have much to say but have a real, um, flair for saying it anyway!)
  • Would mentioning Al Gore help my new business model? Or Bjorn Lomborg?

Oh, and did I mention Roger Pielke Jr. and James Hansen?


  1. Hansen and Algore is fat!! is a guarantee to attract the bots.

    Holdren should be in your model too, as he is the latest totem. ‘Lomborg’ won’t do it, unless the bots have changed their search routine from ‘Lomborg AND wrong’.



  2. Eli –

    It would, of course, be inappropriate to release proprietary internal data, but Inkstain marketing director Big Toe tells me this item has polled extremely well, especially with the key 18-30 demographic we’re trying to attract.

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